Girl Scout Art Programs

Programs to assist girl scout troops with earning their art patches. Prices include all materials. The session can be done at the location of your regular meeting or the class can take place at the Artfully Young Art Studio. The troop provides their own snack (no tree nuts or peanuts) and drinks.

Programs & Prices

Painting for Brownies

The aim of this program is to encourage budding artists to use natural found objects to inspire environmentally themed paintings. Each brownie is encouraged to bring five found natural objects to share with a partner. The brownies will create a still life with their treasure and paint it using watercolors.

Price per girl $18. Time needed 1 hour.

Drawing for Juniors

legacy drawing badgePencil drawing is a wonderful skill for everyone. It is a very cheap medium, making it widely available. It is virtually mess free and can be done anywhere anytime. Pencil drawings are incredibly beautiful and when done on acid free paper long-lasting. Good pencil drawing skills are the basis for many other mediums. In this workshop, Juniors will select their own subject, will be instructed on the best positioning of the subject on the paper and then they will use shading, blending, highlighting and perspective to create beautiful pieces of art.

Price per girl – $15 Time Needed 1 Hour

Collage Art for Cadettes

Collage is the art of assembling pieces of material such as newspaper and magazine cuttings, ribbons, paint, glitter, shells and other natural objects to create unique works of art. It became very polpular in France in the early 20th century when artists such as Pablo Picasso started to experiment with it. In this workshop, Juniors and Seniors choose their own materials to create amazingly individual pieces of art.

Price per girl $20. Time needed 1 ½ hours.

Other Programs

Looking for an art program that is not detailed above such as calligraphy, clay & ceramics or fashion design? Please email me with your requirements and I can give you a quote for a personalized program for your troop.

Please email or call 908-656-1402 for more information and for scheduling.